Dan Grade Seminar – October 2021

20 September, 2021

The Technical Committee invite all SKF members who are planning to take their Dan Grade in the next 12 months to their next seminar to be held on Sunday 10th October. This will cover the Dan Grade syllabus.

To attend, please email Paul Connor – HeriotWadoKai@gmail.com

SKF Team Captain

14 September, 2021

Congratulations to Daniel Hogg, Meadowbank who has been named the SKF Team Captain.

Daniel has trained with Meadowbank since he was 5 years old and displays a commitment and attitude to training and competing that is exemplary. He is fantastic role model for all his team mates and younger athletes to follow.

Well done Daniel.

Kata Team Pool – Date Change

31 August, 2021

Please note, the date for the Kata Team Pool has changed to Friday 3rd September.

The venue and timings remain unchanged: –

Newbattle Community Campus

6.30 pm to 8.00 pm

There is a £5 fee.

For further info and to book a space, please email Paul at


Dan Grading Panel – August 2021

20 August, 2021

The upcoming Dan Grading Panel will consist of the following members: –

Hamish Adam – 8th Dan

Charlie Lindsay – 7th Dan

Paul Connor – 5th Dan

Grant Bonar – 6th Dan

Steven Adam – 5th Dan

The grading will commence at 1230 prompt and be held at Loanhead Leisure Centre. Access will be permitted to hall from 1200.

Good luck to all those who will be attending.

Kata Team Pool

7 August, 2021

Please see below – Paul is keen for new students to attend if interested.

Kata Team Pool will take place on Friday 10th September @ 1830. To attend, please email HeriotWadoKai@gmail.com

Dan Grade Seminar

29 July, 2021

The Technical Committee invite all SKF members who are planning to take their Dan Grade this year to a seminar focussing on the Ohyo, Kihon and Kata elements of syllabus.

To attend, please email Paul Connor – HeriotWadoKai@gmail.com

Grading August 2021

17 July, 2021

The Scottish Karate Federation will hold a Dan Grade examination on Sunday 29th August, 2021 at Loanhead Leisure Centre, at 1230pm.

Application should be made through the form on the gradings page of website. If anyone is having issues with the application please contact myself.

The Federation has also decided that the requirement to have 20 stamps be reduced to 10, however if any student is below the 10 please again contact myself and I will pass to the technical committee for consideration.

Stuart Robertson


Kata Team Pool Training

6 July, 2021

There will be a team pool session on Friday 6th August 2021 from 6.30 – 8pm. This is compulsory for all elite and development Kata squad members however, we would encourage anyone who would like to focus on their kata to attend as we are always looking for new squad members. There will be a cost of £5 which goes directly to the Federation. If you wish to book a space, please contact Paul Connor by emailing HeriotWadoKai@gmail.com Venue details on map below.

SKF Kata Course 11th April 2021

18 March, 2021

The SKF Kata Coaches invite you all to the next Zoom Kata Course on the above date.

Junior Grades (up to 4th Kyu) from 10:00a.m. to 11:00a.m.
Senior Grades (3rd Kyu and above) from 11:30a.m. to 12:30p.m.

These courses will each focus on a single Kata:
Juniors Grades : Pinan Sandan
Senior Grades : Niseishi

Please remember to wear your Gi! (NOTE: They are free to attend for SKF members, but the numbers are restricted to 20 per class on a first come first served basis, so book soon) Please contact Paul by email (HeriotWadoKai@gmail.com) to reserve a place.

Archie Russell

4 March, 2021

The SKF was saddened to hear that one of our Life Members, Archie Russell, passed away recently.

Archie has been a member of the SKF for over 40 years, training at the Old YMCA in Edinburgh, at Port Seton with Davy Scott and at Meadowbank with Hamish Adam.

Many in the SKF will have fond memories of training with Archie over the years. He will be sadly missed.

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