Shingo Ohgami 1941-2019

It is with great sadness that the SKF learned today of the passing of Sensei Shingo Ohgami 8th Dan.

Born in Japan in 1941 where he trained with the founder of Wado Ryu Karate Sensie Hironori Ohtsuka .

In 1969 he went to Sweden as a guest researcher in Chemistry but gave this up to open his own dojo, The Samurai Dojo in Gothenburg.

He was a true friend and mentor to the SKF and he relished coming over to Scotland to teach and had a great relationship with our senior instructors.

Many members of the SKF had the honour of training with him on his visits to Scotland and his showcase demonstrations at the 1996 European Wado-Kai Championships in Edinburgh lives on in many of our memories.

I had the privilege to train with him at his dojo and to visit him at his home, occasionally indulging in glass of Bushmill his favourite tipple.

I was never disappointed with these visits as his depth of knowledge in the martial arts and its history was truly astounding.

He spoke several languages and travelled extensively all over the world teaching and mentoring many instructors in the process.

He also held the following ranks.
Iaido 6th dan
Judo 5th dan
Practiced and taught Tai chi since 1973

To sum up, he was a truly remarkable man and will be sadly missed as a teacher and as a friend .

He leaves a huge gap that will be very hard to fill. A true Samurai.

You will be missed Sensei.

Our thoughts are with his family and Friends at this sad time.

Written by Charlie Lindsay
On behalf of all at the Scottish Karate Federation

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