Wadokai Master Seminar Aldershot

Wadokai Seminar to celebrate Sensei Barry Wilkinson’s 50 years in Wado.
There will be four 8th Dan Wadokai Masters instructing:
• Sensei Colin Clapperton (Scotland) – SKF
• Sensei George Grimes (Bristol, England) – WKF
• Sensei Shingo Ohgami (Sweden) Swedish Karatedo Wadokai
Author of Wado Kata and Introduction to Karate Books
• Sensei Barry Wilkinson (England). – EWKR
There will be 4 hours training (in-turn) with each Wadokai Master and students will have the opportunity to train with all four Sensei.

Following the seminar will be a celebratory Summer BBQ and drinks.

For more info visit http://www.englandwadokai.org/Wadokai-Masters-Seminar-2018


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