May 2022 Seminar

15 April, 2022

Seminar – February 20th

20 January, 2022

December Seminar

22 November, 2021

3rd Dan Grading

13 November, 2021

Congratulations to Dot Bradley (Meadowbank) on passing the 3rd Dan assessment held today at Loanhead Leisure Centre.

Kumite and Kata Pool Training

8 November, 2021

The next Kumite and Kata pool training session will take place on Sunday 14th November. The session will take place at Loanhead Leisure Centre, 1200-1330.

This is a free session for kyu grades 11 years+ and the coaches thoroughly recommend all who compete regularly and are looking to take their Kumite or Kata competition to a higher level, attend.

The last session was very well attended and the coaches are keen to see as many students present as possible.

2022 Dan Grade Syllabus

25 October, 2021

The technical committee met recently and have now set the syllabus for Dan Grading being held in 2022.

The syllabus can be accessed from the Gradings page on website, or by clicking here.

Kihon and Renraku Waza remain unchanged.

Ohyo – For 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dan

Yohonme(4), Gohonme(5) and Rapponme(6)

Kihon – For 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dan

Ipponme(1), Sanbonme(3) and Gohonme(5)


1st Dan – Jion

2nd Dan – Jion and Chinto

3rd Dan – Jion, Chinto and Niseishi

Paul Baker

Dan Grade Secretary

Kumite and Kata Squad Training – 14th November 2021

19 October, 2021

There will be another Kumite and Kata training squad session on November 14th at Loanhead Leisure Centre. 12 till 1.30p.m.

We had an absolutely fantastic turn out at our last one and would encourage anyone from all our SKF family who wishes to advance their Kumite or Kata skills to competition level to attend.

To all coaches we will say, encourage the students you think will cope with and enjoy pushing themselves on.

We look forward to seeing as many new faces as can attend.

Dan Grade Seminar – October 2021

20 September, 2021

The Technical Committee invite all SKF members who are planning to take their Dan Grade in the next 12 months to their next seminar to be held on Sunday 10th October. This will cover the Dan Grade syllabus.

To attend, please email Paul Connor –

SKF Team Captain

14 September, 2021

Congratulations to Daniel Hogg, Meadowbank who has been named the SKF Team Captain.

Daniel has trained with Meadowbank since he was 5 years old and displays a commitment and attitude to training and competing that is exemplary. He is fantastic role model for all his team mates and younger athletes to follow.

Well done Daniel.

Kata Team Pool – Date Change

31 August, 2021

Please note, the date for the Kata Team Pool has changed to Friday 3rd September.

The venue and timings remain unchanged: –

Newbattle Community Campus

6.30 pm to 8.00 pm

There is a £5 fee.

For further info and to book a space, please email Paul at

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